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Friends-Only, but I promise I'm not just being a bitch!

OK, so this is the official Post declaring my journal "Friends Only".

I hate the idea of a friends-only journal, because I'd like people to be able to read into my life a little to decide if they like my journal before having to make the commitment of being LJ friends and then realizing that my journal is crap and they shouldn't have subscribed.
But you never know who'll be reading your journal.... like say, your parents. Nothing against them, but really, LJ is supposed to be a sanctuary for angsty teens/college students! lol

So, I think I'll just give you a little summary-thing of my journal, to make up for it.

Here's what I usually talk about--
-Boring things like how my day went
-Politics, news... both humorous and serious
-TMI about sex... not for the squeamish!!
-Amusing things I find online
-Surveys, though not as much anymore
-Sometimes pics, if I have some good ones.... icons once in awhile!
-Random thoughts, dreams, rants, etc.
-And very rarely these days, drunk posts.

And occasionally I work up these good, long rants. And I attempt the angsty-emo thing every so often for amusement, but it's really not me. :) lol

And I need to stop beginning my sentences with conjunctions. ^^;

To my current friends- you all rock! :-)


Well, I do like to rock.
I agree, it is very definately a sanctuary for angsty peoples. Oh well.
hehehe :P
Hey there, stumbled across you from the Vermonter's group and thought you seemed interesting. Add me as a friend?
Yes I will :-)
obsessed with the icon. add?
heehee.... totally :-)


mrp? add me?
Umm... fler.... you don't have a lj-sn ;-)
hey, i ran into your journal through the vermonters community. i'm also a college-age queer girl from vermont currently doing the school thing in western mass. so i thought i'd add you! add me back?
Absolutely! Nice to meet you....... which college do you go to, btw?
heeeey becky! it's lucy! hehe go lj!! im adding you, add me?
omg lucy!!! :-) of course I'll ad you! :D
hey it's me from glbtstories add me back? and I'm so obcessed with that icon.. Alyson is so amazing!
yay! *adds*

are you still using...

the same aim username you always had? if not, email it to me please amont_cr@yahoo.com
hope to chat with you real soon!!


Hey. It's Leena. (I asked to add you on myspace so I could ask about MHC...) I have a LJ now, like you suggested. I'm goddesschild_88 :) May I be your friend? I guess I'll talk to you later! :D

Re: Hello!

Yay!!!!! Good job! Happy to see you in LJ land
*adds* ok, now if you add me, you'll see my entries on your friends page.
Vermont, manual transmission cars, and MHC are all amazing. :) Mind if I add you?
sure! I just added you...
haha, are you one of the mohos who joined my "stick is sexy" facebook group?
hey hey,
saw your LJ and thought it would be cool to friend you, plus, vermont just effing rocks - spent my past christmas there with my gf's family...mad river valley i think it was...
anyway, i'm friends with dalbino83 (donna) and that's how i stumbled across your lj - so friend my if you wish.
smell ya,
After reading your recent post in menstrual_cups and then reading/skimming through your Germany-journal... I feel like adding you? :)
Yay! You are added!
Thank you!

Thanks for the information. I think that you should wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day. You’ll be surprised how much better your face will look.

Can I be added?
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